Thursday, 25 September 2014

Dry Skin - Fall Edition

Hello everyone! It's fall! Who else is excited? I know I am ^^ I love fall and winter too much I get super excited as time flies. I know most of you like summer but I just don't like sweating and getting sticky and smelly. So, never mind all that. Autumn means dry air and your skin will need extra care and nourishment. Let's start!

(1) Aqua
Yes, this again. You have to drink drink drink! How can your skin be hydrated if you are not drinking enough water? You need to be hydrated inside out. Therefore, buy a water bottle or DIY one, always have water beside you. Sip some water every hour and your will find yourself drinking a lot more. Your skin will thank you later.

(2) Exfoliation
If you are exfoliating your skin twice a week, you can cut down to once a week. Less sweating should theoratically mean less clogging of pores but if you really feel the need to exfoliate twice a week, try a gentle exfoliate formula instead. Try using oatmeal, green tea or coffee grounds instead. They are much more gentle but provide the same effect.

(3) Sheet Mask
Fall and winter are the times for you to load up your sheet masks at home, especially if you have dry skin quite often. I myself have dry skin and I can't live without sheet masks. I apply sheet masks twice a week and depending on my skin condition, I choose one that fits. If the masks are too cold, how about putting them in the shower before opening. Run under warm water to warm up the mask so you won't experience "face-freeze".

(4) Moisturiser
Now maybe the best time for you to use night masks or use moisturiser that provide extra nourishment for your skin. Try to find an extra hydrating formula and you will find your skin being hydrated and soft the next day. Just remember to apply moisturiser after cleansing your face twice a day. Do not skip this step!

(5) Facial Massage
After applying your moisturiser, use this time to gently massage your face. This helps to reduce swelling also enhancing a V-shaped face if you want to look slimmer. This applies to the eye area too! Massage will help blood circulation hence improving the flowing of blood, providing nutrients, oxygen and moist to your skin. Spare 5 minutes to do this daily and soon you will find a difference to your skin.

(5) Tips
When you are putting your mask, wrap a warm towel over your face and let it rest for 15 minutes. The warmth of the towel will help to open up your pores and absorb the nutrients from mask more intensively. This also helps with the blood circulation of your skin.

Make sure you fall asleep during 12am to 2 am. This is the best time for your skin to rejuvenate. Even if you still have work, sleep for those hours and wake up earlier to finish your work. Late owls need hydrated skin too!

So here are my tips! I hope they help and thanks for reading :)


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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mavalia Double Lash - Lash Builder

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you this amazing product that saved me and hopefully will save you too if you have brittle and thin lashes. I was not sponsored by anyone I just randomly came across this and bought it.

This product is...

Mavalia Double-Lash 10ml

This lash builder comes from a Switzerland brand and to be honest I have never heard of it before. I came across this product in a drug store and I was kind of in an adventurous mood that day. I bought it and started using it. It comes with a small bottle with some white serum inside. Apply this daily, once in the morning and once at night, you will find your lashes stronger and fuller.

Ladies, if you are using mascara every single day and you didn't do anything to protect your lashes, most probably you will find your lashes less full and fragile. My lashes were very brittle and came off really easily before. I have been using this product for 1 month now and already my lashes felt much stronger plus they rarely fell. I was extremely pleased with this product and I have to say this is a very promising product.

I cannot guarantee your lashes will be fuller by merely using a few months, but I can promise you this product will help to strengthen your lashes and at least they won't fall as easily.

One downside of this product is the brush. The hair of the brush is a bit tough and sparse so it is not exactly easy to apply the serum on your lashes. You have to apply it several times to ensure each lash is covered. Despite this, the formula is amazing and the results did stun me.

Hope this helps and if you are interested, definitely go try this out. No harm in trying out the product that works the best on you right?

Thanks for reading!



Wednesday, 20 August 2014

5 Top Picks of Beauty Food

Besides beauty products and skin care products, one way to obtain clear and healthy skin is to eat healthy. Being healthy from the inside is utterly important to achieve healthy glowing skin. Today, let's talk about food that gives your skin perfection.

(1) Papaya
Good digestion helps your body to remove impurities hence good health. Acne around the nose area and mouth area reflects problems with your digestive system, probably you are suffering from constipation or having a stomachache. Papaya acts like a cleanser for your digestive system. Papaya also contains rich vitamins that will produce collagen for your skin hence enhancing the healthy glow. Drink papaya juice or simply eat a papaya and say goodbye to acne!

(2) Avocado 
Avocado is not a stranger to all you beauties. Not only it can be made into a mask, eating them few times a week will grant you over 20 types of vitamins and minerals. Avocado offers anti-inflammatory benefits hence reducing the possibility of breaking outs. Besides, it lowers the cholesterol level as well as providing natural fats that are good for your body. The natural fat will provide adequate energy for burning and provide the natural oil layer for your skin. Your skin will stay hydrated and oil-free!

(3) Dark Chocolate
Aren't you just excited seeing the word chocolate? Well, I am! I love chocolate but over taking cocoa will results in breakouts and a sore throat. Dark chocolate is the healthiest among all types of chocolate. Always have some dark chocolate in the fridge and just pop some after meals or as snacks. Not the whole bar. Restrain yourselves! Dark chocolate contains iron, protein, natural fats, fiber and other minerals. They work as an anti-inflammatory agent hence reducing acne while improving your blood flow and circulation. How awesome is that? Just control yourselves and no more then 5 small bites each day.

(4) Raisins
Besides the appearance of clear skin, healthy and white teeth are also crucial for a posed look. Raisins contain rich vitamin and antioxidants that help to kill bacteria and gum. Taking them will reduce having inflammatory or other gum diseases. Raisins help to maintain the calcium in teeth and keep them clean and healthy looking.

(5) Sardines
Sardines are extremely rich in vitamin B and D, omega-3 and protein. All these nutrients will help providing natural fat layer for your body and your skin, giving your skin a radiant look with a healthy glow. The protein helps with blood flow thus carrying nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies. The vitamins help with cell growth hence repairing scars, cuts or burns. All the nutrients enhance bone growth and strengthen your bones, vastly reducing the risk of bone fractures. 

So here are my top 5 picks of beauty food! Certainly there are a lot more others but there 5 are my favourties. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading:)


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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ladies Edition - Time of the Month

Hey guys! Today, let's focus on the ladies and get a little TMI! Every month, we experience that time of the month and all sort of emotional and hormonal changes. Some people will be absolutely fine during this time. For the unfortunate ones like me, we experience physical pain from head to toe. To ease this pain and treat ourselves a little better, I am going to share with you some tips and hopefully you will feel better next time!

Before Your Period
(1) No Iced/ Cold Drinks
Days before your period, try to avoid drinking iced or cold drinks. Stick to room temperature or warm drinks, best water, which will avoid stomachache later on. If you drink cold drinks beforehand, it is very much likely for your blood to coagulate and be clogged. This leads to stomachache and can be very devastating when you are having your period. 

(2) Do more exercise
I found doing yoga or stretching before my period help easing clogs and avoid having pain on my back. I normally have backache during my period and it will be too late if I start stretching by then. If you do exercise regularly, then you should not have this problem. However, for lazy people like me, I will do some pilates, yoga or stretching starting one week before my period. This greatly ease my backache and I found my period to be smoother with less clogs. TMI I know, but the more you know.

During your Period
(1) Try to have meals with less spices
I love spices but they do cause stimulation to our body. Having a lot of spices in meals will have obvious results to your skin, causing redness or acne. Your hormones are very sensitive during this time so try to take in more vegetables, fruits and less oil or deep fried food. 

(2) Food or Drinks to be avoided
There are certain food and drinks to be avoided during this period so as to avoid pain in your abdomen. Drinks like green tea, milk, coffee, herbal tea, soft drinks and watermelon juice. These drinks tend to increase your flow and trust me you will feel like killing everyone beside you. Food like watermelon, ice-cream and processed food like chips, donuts and sweets. 

(3) Stretch everyday
Stretching really does help with your physical pain. Spare fifteen to twenty minutes everyday just to stretch out your back, arms and legs. This will drastically help with ache on different body parts. Especially during this period, you will normally feel really tired. Stretching in the morning will help you to wake up and feel more energetic!

(4) Get enough sleep
Sleeping is so important and we must not neglect good quality sleeping. Get on to bed before 11 o'clock to help your body rejuvenate. The best time for your body to refresh by healing and forming new blood cells is 2300-0200. Therefore, best to fall asleep during this period of time. Not only providing you with sufficient energy for the next day, you are more likely to have a shorter period too.

So here are my tips on easing pain and troubles during your period. Hope it helps out and thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Goodbye Oily Face~ Summer Edition

Hey guys! It's not AUGUST! Meaning........
Temperature is rising up and oil on face!

No worries guys, today I am going to share with you how to prevent an oily face in this hot weather!

(1) Primer
Before you put on your foundation and everything else, make sure you are applying primer. Primer helps to even out your skin tone, giving your face a clear complexion. Primer also helps to maintain a healthy oil layer on the surface so other makeup products won't dry out your skin. Without primer, makeup products will slip off as well as dragging out the moisture on your face. Your skin will produce extra oil so the under layer will not be harmed. A water-based primer will be best for summer to maintain moisture and prevent an oily face.

(2) Oil control Powder
Instead of using finishing powder after putting on makeup, try using an oil control powder. There are all sorts of oil control powder by different brands such as EtudeHouse, Mac, Maybelline, InnisFree and HolikaHolika etc. They act the same as finishing powder while helping to maintain a healthy oil layer on your face. Not to mention, it also helps your makeup to last longer! You can also pat this on when after a long time to keep an oil-free base.

(3) Moisturizing Mist
Bring a small bottle of moisturizing mist and spray some on your face if you are sweating too much. Spray after wiping off your sweat and it will help to regain moisture on your face thus preventing another oil layer from producing. If you don't want to buy these mist, just grab a spraying bottle and fill it with toner. You can also mix a teaspoon size amount of serum or moisturizer in your bottle. This substitutes the moisturizing mist from stores.

(4) Oil blotting sheets
This is a very popular product yet I don't really recommend it. Over using this will remove the natural oil layer hence enhancing oil production thus oily face. You will find it very difficult to get rid of using oil blotting sheets. However, if you are going out for special events, its a good idea to carry them around and gently pat them on your T-zone. Just be careful and try not to abuse using them.

(5) Cotton Pad/ Cotton Sticks
Put some cotton pads inside your makeup bag and you can use them to wipe off melted makeup like eyeliner or mascara. You can also use cotton pads to pat dry your face instead of using tissue because they are softer thus causing less damage onto your delicate skin.

So here are my essentials for hot summer. Hope it helps and thanks for reading!

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Goodbye BLACKHEADS - pig nose massage gel

Hey guys! Today I am going to introduce you my new best friend, it saves me from breakouts and make my skin look smooth and bright! I love this product so much and I honestly swear by it.

And it is

Pig Nose clear black head peeling massage gel by HolikaHolika

(1) Apply the gel onto the areas where there are blackheads or pimples.
(2) Wait for 5-10 minutes
(3) Start rubbing!
(4) Soon you will be able to rub out some white stuff that is sort of rubbery like. Just keep rubbing and massage for another 2-3 minutes.
(5) Rinse your face clean with lukewarm water
After application, you will find your skin so much smoother and the blackheads are less distinctive and obvious. In general, your skin looks a lot clearer and have a bright complexion.

The texture of this product is oil based and it will help to dissolve the blackheads so you can remove them by massage afterwards. It is also easy to spread so you won't need a lot of it for your entire face.

The price is only around US$5.81 so its definitely affordable and you won't use a lot of it every time so its a pretty nice deal.

 I have been using this three times a week. This product is gentle to the skin so it won't drag out moisture from your skin. Just remember to apply toner and moisturizer after you wash your face.

Alright, so here you go! Hope you will try it out and share with me about the results!
Thanks for reading! ^^

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Makeup Products Haul

Hey guys! Today I am going to talk to you about my recent makeup products haul. So hope you enjoy and try some of these products out yourselves!

(1) ParaDo Liquid Foundation (20ml)
This liquid foundation has medium coverage with SPF21. It is also quite long lasting even for humid and hot weather in Hong Kong. This product is quite easy to blend and gives a natural touch to your skin. Doesn't feel sticky at all but not quite hydrating as bb creams and cc creams. Yet, if you are looking for a foundation to cover up a small area of  acne scar or other blemishes, this is the product for you. By far, I am quite satisfies with this product. The price is around USD 11.6

(2) Étude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion
Cushion foundation has been very popular recently and of course I am going to try it out! The color I have got here is natural beige W13. I recall the store holds a lot more options so go check it out and find the perfect color for you. Press the cushion lightly to the sponge soaked in bb cream, you will obtain a perfect amount of product on the cushion for your entire face. Then by using patting motions, just blend out the product. This product is very convenient especially if you are in a hurry. It is also helpful for touch ups so I definitely recommend this product to all makeup lovers! This product also contains SPF 50 so I don't need to apply sunscreen before hand. Amazing right?

(3)Holika Holika Petit BB Cream (essential)
This BB cream by another Korean company provides a high coverage for your face with SPF 30 for protection. The one I have is Essential that contains serum inside so it is very hydrating and won't dry out your skin after time. This product is also scented and smell like florals. This is by far the BB cream that provide the other coverage for your blemishes. It covers up acne scars really well as well as red areas on your face. However, be careful not to put on too much because it does give a grey cast to your face. Just put a suitable amount and you should be fine.

(4) Holisa Holika Oil Queen Cotton Pact
The name seems weird to me. Seriously, oil queen? Regardless of the name, this is an awesome product that has brilliant oil control and keeps your face oil free. I use this after putting on foundation as a finishing powder and it does not slide off throughout the day hence it is quite long lasting I would say. This pact also contains SPF 30 hence adding a sense of protection to your face from sun damage. Your face should be safe from sun rays as well as oil. Keeping your face matte all day! I have also tried oil control compacts from FanclHouse, InnisFree and Étude House. So far, this is my favorite product and probably I am going to purchase this again.

(5) DollyWink Eyeshadow Palette Brown 01
This is a must have eyeshadow palette for everyday use. It contains a champagne color for highlighting, a bronze color, a chocolate brown and a deep brown. Your can basically use this for everyday makeup or double up the eyeliner and deeper brown color for a smokey eye effect. This is more of a neutral palette so for makeup beginners you may want to try out this product before purchasing any other daring colors. The colors contain a bit of shimmer and blends beautifully. The price is around USD 15.8 but it is worth it.

(6) BiBo liquid eyeliner 01 Black
Liquid eyeliners often gives a sharp look to your eyes and gives a clear outline to your eye shape. The product I have here use produced by a Japanese company. I normally use liquid eyeliner to tight line my eyes so it enhances my eyes with a subtle touch. Then I will use a eyeliner pencil to line my eyes so it gives a little more to my eyes.

(7) Étude House Tear Eye Liner
The color I have got here is rose gold with shimmer. I use this to highlight my inner corners and the bottom  lash line. They also have one that is white in color. The tip is very small so you can highlight your inner corners precisely and adjust the amount easily. With a bit of shimmer, it just awaken your eyes and make you look so much more awake and sharp. It is however not too long lasting and you may need to reapply after some hours.

(8) Étude House Lash Perm Volume Mascara
This is one of their best sellers in Étude House. The brush head is spiral so when you apply he mascara using a zigzag motion, you can apply just the right amount of mascara to your eyes and greatly volume your lashes. This mascara however is a bit thick in the beginning so make sure you wipe the excess off using a tissue before applying or else you will get lumps on your lashes.

(9) Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara
I am so obsessed with mascara and I keep buying them to try out different formulas. This one I have got here is perfect for an everyday look and nothing too fancy or dramatic. I like to wear this on daily basis just for everyday makeup as I prefer a clean and simple look. The brush head is straight and they help to define your eyelashes really well. It is also waterproof so no worries even if you are living in a place with humid weather.

So here are the products I have got! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading:)

Puff :D